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From the first day you were born, your deepest need has been to feel safe and loved.

The latest neuroscience research points to this astonishing fact: we never outgrow the need for secure connection to another person. Even as sophisticated adults in a complex world, we need someone in our lives who cares for our needs – as a priority.

When you have the feeling of mutual, trustable love with your intimate partner, you can flourish.

As children, most of us didn’t get our primal needs fulfilled by our parents. In response to feeling of being abandoned or uncared for, we formed defense strategies to keep ourselves safe. During the past 20 years, psychological research has identified four basic attachment strategies, or bonding patterns, which we call the LoveStyles™.

Your early childhood LoveStyle still operates in your adult relationships, subconsciously and automatically – especially with your intimate partner.

When something triggers this unconscious pattern, you may suddenly feel hurt or angry, and you react quickly. You may act in a way that is childish or hurtful. Your Inner Child (your subconscious conditioning) grabs control and hijacks your adult ability to respond productively.

When you spend less time in conflict, and more time in positive connection, your trust grows, and your love thrives.

If you learn how your LoveStyle operates, you’ll begin to re-wire those old patterns that aren’t working in your relationship. The LoveStyle Profile identifies your unique pattern, and explains how it works. Have your partner take it as well, and compare results. Awareness is the first step toward change.

Our 5 Keys Program and Counseling Services offer practical solutions and exercises to help you develop (or re-awaken) a relationship that’s extraordinary, secure, and passionate!

If you’re single, learn to break out of your old, repeated relationship dramas and create a new, healthy relationship with your next partner.