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HEALING from the IMPACT of


with Lion Goodman, author of “The Narcissism Primer” and
Carista Luminare, Ph.D., “The Narcissist Whisperer

  • Do you have narcissistic tendencies?  Are you codependent?  
  • Have you been in a difficult relationship with one type or the other?
  • Is it possible to heal your own narcissism or codependency?  
  • Can you help someone else wake up from the impact of these traits? 

“Thank you for this brilliant offering. As a clinical therapist (MFT), I really appreciate the clear and comprehensive way you presented this material. Your presentation was ‘holographic,’ as if you met me at many different levels of awareness. I now see how these two dynamics – narcissism and codependency – have lived in my subconscious, and showed up in my relationships…  I’ve gained discernment about how to create healthier relationships in the future, and plan on creating more fun and aliveness from here on out!”  ~ B.T., Vancouver, Canada

Narcissism shows up as a range from “healthy self-care” to “extreme selfishness.”

Codependency shows up in a range from “putting up with their quirks” to “sacrificing yourself for another person.”

Both labels carry judgment and shame, especially when they’re used to condemn another person for their behavior. The truth is, we’re all somewhat self-absorbed, and we’ve all allowed someone in our life to use us for their own personal advantage. We are all just trying to get our needs and wants fulfilled. Sometimes, the strategies we employ are unhealthy.

The word “Narcissist” is used at times as shorthand for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The word “Codependent” can be used as shorthand for Dependent Personality Disorder. Both are serious psychological conditions requiring professional help.

This program is focused on their more common manifestations: “normal narcissism” and “normal codependency.”  These traits exist on a wide spectrum, from mild to  severe.  We examine the tendencies and behaviors that show up, and the impact they have on our relationships.

Many of us struggle with these traits in ourselves. We drop into extreme self-focus or self-sacrifice.  We get easily annoyed by other people, or we tolerate another person’s unkind behavior.  We ignore the needs of others, or we ignore our own needs.  They are two sides of the same coin.

These two tendencies are often found bound together in a couple, where one partner exhibits narcissistic traits, and the other codependent traits.  Many of us are hybrids – a mixture of both.

In our 3-part recorded program, you’ll learn about the subconscious strategies beneath these conditions, most of which were learned in childhood. For example, if children don’t get enough attention or love from their parents, they can become overly focused on themselves, or others, as a way to compensate for the lack of positive loving connections.


Here’s what you will learn in each class: 

  • Week 1: The major distinctions between the narcissistic and codependent traits, and how to recognize where someone is on the wide spectrum of behaviors from “mild” to “extreme.”  And how they can impact a loving relationship.
  • Week 2: How your early childhood experiences with your parents or caregivers  influence your narcissistic or codependent behavior patterns.
  • Week 3:  How to recover and find your way back to positive self-esteem if you’ve been caught in one of these patterns.  Practical remedies you can use to heal, including rewiring the brain toward secure functioning, based on the neuroscience of love.

When you study the roots of these tendencies, and observe how they show up in your relationships, your options expand. You grow in your self-awareness, and you can change your behavior. This is a practical way to heal – and mature. You can rewire your early programming, and learn to express your true nature as a loving being – even if the other person in your life never changes.

Radically improve your relationship style by learning to balance your orientation toward yourself and others. Expand your capacity to care and repair, and watch  your relationships improve. Consciously create the love you’ve always wanted.

Purchase the program now.  For only $97, you’ll get all 3 recorded classes (1.5 hours each) from our live presentation to an international audience.  After each class, there’s a additional half-hour of Q & A with participants.

You’ll also receive two bonuses:

  1. Our eBook, “The Narcissism Primer,” an excellent introduction to the topic from the male point of view.
  2. Our recorded interview on Male Narcissism from the Conscious Men Summit.

Our goal is to awaken you to the patterns, and help you begin the healing process.  You’ll open up to new possibilities, because knowledge is power.

It takes great courage to find your way out of a negative relationship, but it can be done, one step at a time. When you learn how these patterns got created, you can also learn how to change them.  You can rewire your early programming, change your life, and learn to express your true nature as a loving being – even if the other person in your life never changes.

When you repair and restore your own self-esteem and balance, you will improve all of your relationships, and you’ll be ready to receive the love you’ve always wanted.

Register now to receive this 3-part, 5-hour program: Healing from the Impact of Narcissism and Codependency!

Originally priced at $127, you can purchase this recorded program for only $97! Click below to receive all 3 recorded classes plus both bonuses.



Praise for the course:

“The content and wisdom you delivered during the narcissism and co-dependency course felt embodied and compassionate. Your transparent sharing of your own individual struggles and successes highlighted the remarkable healing that’s available when you’re willing to confront your patterns and move into a more accepting, intimate and loving place. You’ve guided me through the roadblocks from my lifelong patterns. I have gained so much!  I feel released from these habituated patterns.  I’m so grateful for this offering, and I recommend it to anyone who has been touched by these traits.”  ~ Holly Woods, PhD, Integral Master Coach & Consultant, Intuitive Healer


“Today’s call was AMAZING.  It’s a real gift to soak up what you’re teaching. Thanks to both of you for offering such clarity, authenticity, and wisdom. I love that you’re in the world, and hope to bring you to Nashville to teach a workshop here!”  ~ Leslie B.


“I signed up for your tele-class because I wanted practical tools to actually live in the world – life skills I can put into place so I’m not overtaken by a relationship – or completely avoiding it.  That’s the piece that’s missing from so many online courses, and even in-person counseling.  I know where I’ve got problems, but no one offers skills like you do – to change us from wounded children into normal adults in a healthy relationship.  I’m so looking forward to tomorrows class!” ~ Lori M.


Praise for Carista and Lion:

“You taught us how to heal the past, love in the present and trust in our future. Years of struggle had left me convinced that a fulfilling connection between two people was an unrealistic ideal. You’ve cracked the code on this elusive quest. Your work as a couple is truly the missing link for couples, and an inspiring example of what is possible in a secure, loving relationship.” – H.J., CEO, Entrepreneur, Board Chairman.



Disclaimer: The Healing Narcissism course material is not a psychological diagnostic assessment program. All references to narcissism are intended to educate the general public about normal tendencies, traits, and patterns that may be influencing their relationship dynamics. This educational material is not designed to analyze anyone’s personality, or provide professional diagnoses of medical or psychological disorders or diseases. We do not diagnose or advise about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a serious psychological disorder.  The Healing Narcissism course material is not a substitute for professional advice. If you are being hurt or harmed by someone you believe may have NPD, or if you believe you may have such symptoms, we advise you to get help from a licensed professional who specializes in NPD.  If you feel triggered or overwhelmed and cannot resolve it by yourself, contact a professional therapist, psychologist, or counselor who can help you address your feelings and concerns.