7 Weeks of Deep Healing and Repair

with Lion Goodman, author of “The Narcissism Primer” and
Carista Luminare, Ph.D., “The Narcissist Whisperer

      • Are you struggling with codependent patterns? 
      • Do you consider yourself, or your partner, overly self-absorbed?
      • Do you walk on eggshells with your partner? 
      • Have you let others control you or limit your possibilities?

Join us to learn how to heal these harmful tendencies.

Narcissism shows up in a spectrum from “healthy self-care” to “extreme selfishness.”

Codependency shows up in a range from “putting up with their quirks” to “sacrificing yourself.”

The truth is, we’re all somewhat self-absorbed (narcissism). And we’ve all made someone else’s needs more important than our own (codependency).

We all have core needs we want fulfilled. Unfortunately, we’re confused about how to do that. We employ strategies that often are unhealthy. We hurt ourselves, and we cause damage to some of our most important relationships.

The word “Narcissism” can be used to refer to the clinical diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The word “Codependency” is used to refer to Dependent Personality Disorder. Both are serious psychological conditions requiring professional help. We are using these terms differently, referring to the milder, normal range of human behavior.

Our program is designed for regular people caught in patterns that make their relationships difficult, or filled with struggle. These two tendencies have had negative (and sometimes dramatic) impact on our families, communities, and our civilization.

Narcissism and Codependency are often found linked together in a couple, where one partner exhibits selfish behavior, and the other exhibits self-sacrificing traits. 

If you fall into the narcissistic spectrum, you’ve probably seen how easily you can drop into preoccupation with yourself, to the point where you ignore others. It may happen when you get triggered by someone, or upset by your circumstances. When you want to achieve a goal, you may set aside the needs of others in order to benefit yourself.

If you fall into the codependent spectrum, you may tend to give up your own needs to preserve a relationship, or belong to a group – to your own detriment. You may tolerate another person’s unkind behavior, walking on eggshells to avoid conflict, rather than stand up to the unfairness.

Narcissism and Codependency are two sides of the same coin.  Either trait limits your ability to experience secure, loving relationship with another person.

In our upcoming course, “Healing Narcissism and Codependency 101,” we will shine a light on these complex subconscious patterns and show you the positive alternative:

  • Caring for yourself AND the other person.
  • Including the other person’s concerns, rather than excluding them.
  • Making sure that your own needs are taken care of, in addition to the other person’s needs.

Most of your adult relationship patterns began in early childhood, when your bonding patterns with your parents (and other caregivers) were set into place. During the course, we will go into depth about how this happened, and what you can do to change your patterns at the core of your psyche.

We will show you methods to clear those old patterns from your life – permanently.

If you’ve been caught up in a hurtful or overwhelming relationship, learn how you got there, and how to avoid those behaviors in the future.

Join us for this 7-week tele-course! Move your healing journey forward, and gain powerful new tools for creating a dependable, safe, loving relationship.


The course begins Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016, and continues weekly through May 3rd (7 sessions).  The time is 11:00 am Pacific Time (2:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm GMT) to 12:30 pm PT.

Have you been in a relationship with someone who didn’t care about their impact on you? Did you stay in that negative relationship too long, or placate the other person’s narcissistic behaviors in order to avoid rejection or abandonment? If so, you know how confusing and painful it can be.

Have you seen the traits of narcissistic self-absorption in yourself? If so, you may recognize the damage you caused in some of your relationships by not caring for the other person equally.

In this comprehensive seven-week course, we will support you in awakening to the impact of both narcissism and codependency, and we will guide you through the path of healing.  

Many of us had narcissistic parents. If you did, you may have been treated as an object to fulfill your parent’s needs and demands. You may have felt that there was no space for you to exist, or that they needed everyone’s attention on them. This core wound can easily cause you to become a bit narcissistic yourself – with a tendency toward focusing on your own needs first. At the extreme, you may not know how to give and receive authentic love. You may feel shame about who you are, or feel that you can’t get your needs fulfilled.

If either of your parents was a narcissist, you may have entered into an adult relationship with a narcissist. Or you might have been “taken in” by a narcissist’s charm, and been shocked when you found yourself caught up in their web.

If you’re in a relationship with someone with strong narcissistic traits, you may feel devalued, anxious, or controlled. This is a complex dynamic to navigate, especially if you respond with codependent behaviors.

In this course, we’ll open up new possibilities for your life, and provide practical techniques for healing. Knowledge is power. When you practice new behaviors, you can create long-term change.

Join us to learn:

  • How both traits show up on a wide spectrum from “mild” to “extreme.”
  • Where your relationship patterns come from, and how to change them.
  • How to care for yourself in a healthy way and avoid situations similar to those in your past.
  • How to recover and find your way back to positive self-esteem.

When you change your patterns, you’ll avoid stepping into the same traps in the future. When you rewire your earliest programming, you can change your life, and express your true nature as a loving being (even if the other person in your life never changes).

Healing from narcissistic or codependent behaviors is about recognizing and respecting your own needs, and learning to balance your orientation toward self and others.

Learn how to repair and restore your self-esteem and relational balance. You will improve all of your relationships, and you’ll be ready to give and receive the love you’ve always wanted.

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7 Tuesdays: March 22nd through May 3rd
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Praise for our Introductory Course:
“Healing from the Impact of Narcissism and Codependency”

Thank you again for the understanding and tools we can use to heal our lives.  I want you to know that all you have shared has been so valuable to me!  In particular the practical examples you offered about how to create a healthy, safe relationship, and how it looks and sounds. A whole new world opened up for me.  I’ve been taking notes while listening to the recordings, and these notes act like beacons to guide me every day.  It’s a new point of reference, different than all I have known in my lifetime.  Now I can conceive what is possible.  I am devoting this week to replaying the entire course.  I am so very grateful. This course is very important to me.  From Italy, best wishes.  ~ Giulia

“You taught us how to heal the past, love in the present and trust in our future. Years of struggle had left me convinced that a fulfilling connection between two people was an unrealistic ideal. You’ve cracked the code on this elusive quest. Your work as a couple is truly the missing link for couples, and an inspiring example of what is possible in a secure, loving relationship.” – H.J., CEO, Entrepreneur, Board Chairman.


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Disclaimer: The Healing Narcissism course material is not a psychological diagnostic assessment program. All references to narcissism are intended to educate the general public about normal tendencies, traits, and patterns that may be influencing their relationship dynamics. This educational material is not designed to analyze anyone’s personality, or provide professional diagnoses of medical or psychological disorders or diseases. We do not diagnose or advise about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a serious psychological disorder.  The Healing Narcissism course material is not a substitute for professional advice. If you are being hurt or harmed by someone you believe may have NPD, or if you believe you may have such symptoms, we advise you to get help from a licensed professional who specializes in NPD.  If you feel triggered or overwhelmed and cannot resolve it by yourself, contact a professional therapist, psychologist, or counselor who can help you address your feelings and concerns.